Get Unstuck Workbook

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The Get Unstuck Workbook will help you:

💖 uncover what you want to do

🔋 put your effort and energy into the right things

🌟 understand what you need to do right now to get the ball rolling

✔ set the right priorities so you don't waste time on ineffective tasks

🚀 handle overwhelm instead of giving up

🗻 design a realistic plan that takes you where you want to be

🌏 learn an effective framework that you can apply to reach any type of goal, no matter how big or small

🍃 start getting out of the rut in just two weeks

Here's what you'll get

💌 56 pages with straight-to-the-point and powerful lessons to help you get unstuck

💌 15+ journaling exercises that’ll help you uncover what you want and design a roadmap to get there

💌 Template (Spreadsheet) to help you organize resources and avoid information overload

💌 Notion template to organize tasks effectively and stay on top of your goals

💌 Video tutorial about how to use your Notion template for success

💌 Secret and super special Notion template that’ll inspire you every time

The Get Unstuck Workbook is perfect for you if you:

  • are tired of feeling lost, stuck, and confused
  • are ready to set goals for yourself and do what it takes to reach them
  • are committed to putting in the work
  • know that real change comes from consistent action
  • are open to receiving help and guidance
  • are willing to commit to it and to yourself.


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Get Unstuck Workbook

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